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January 12, 2020



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Ensemble: Modules, Patty Waters: Live

by George W. Harris • January 9, 2020




photo Maiken Kildegaard


"Singer Patty Waters gives a dedication to Cecil Taylor during this concert at the First Unitarian Congregational Society back in 2018. She’s supported by the strong trio of Burton Greene/p, Mario Pavone/b and Barry Artschul/perc with a collection of tunes focusing on Billie Holiday. That seems to be fitting, as Waters’ delivery is hauntingly reminiscent of the frail and fragile sound of late Lady Day, as she warbles through “You’ve Changed” and “I Love (sic) You, Porgy.” Green supplies a strong foundation for the bluesy “Lover Man” and uses the piano strings for an artsy “Lonely Woman.” She gives dark emotions for “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” with her warble walking a tightrope for “Strange Fruit.” Hold on tight."

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